The Children’s Museum Special Birthdays

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An Experience They’ll Never Forget!

A Children’s Museum’s Birthday is unforgettable! Offering themes to suit every age and interest. Our party packages are interactive and fun. 

Our Birthdays celebrate childhood's creativity, exploration and accomplishment. All Birthdays include guided interaction in one or more of the museum exhibit areas, and a celebration at our Birthday Room.

Our Birthdays are flexible and adaptable from the Signature Birthdays packages to our Creative Birthday Packages or design your own custom-made party. your child’s Birthday is sure to be unique and engaging in every way. 

Basic Signature Birthdays

Basic signature package includes:

  • Museum branded invitation cards for guests
  • Access to the Museum's Exhibits Hall and Outdoor area
  • Use of the Birthday Room
  • One party helper per 10 children
  • Party meal and dessert for children
  • Birthday plates, cups and cutlery
  • Special Birthday music
  • 5 free admission tickets to the Children’s Museum valid for 1 year


 Creative Birthdays

Our Birthday maker will organize a stimulating adventure to mark your child’s special day.

Our Creative Birthdays have been specifically designed to appeal to children ages 12 and under. 

The Creative Birthday includes all the Basic Signature Birthday’s benefits, in addition to an educator to facilitate the birthday experience, and a total of 10 free admission tickets instead of 5 valid for 1 year.

1- Tiny Tots:

Ages: 1-5

Location: Once Upon a Shape

Your little one’s friends will take over "Once Upon a Shape" exhibit, where they’ll play with soft structures, build with blocks, feel different textures, play musical instruments and engage in interactive games. 


2- Jack and the Beanstalk:

Ages: 4-6 or 7-9

Location: Library and Secret Garden

Children will enjoy listening to the Jack and Beanstalk story from the giant’s perspective, and get their little hands dirty planting beans in plastic bottles as cute small greenhouses. 


3- Yellow Hard Hats

Ages:  3-6 or 7-9

Location:  Construction Area 

Children will wear construction helmets and safety vests for a fantastic building experience.

They will work in small teams and enjoy racing against each other and constructing various simple structures with a variety of exciting mediums.

“Kaboom, Lego, Imagination Playground”


 4- Everybody Digs Dinosaurs:

Ages: 6 - 10 

Location: Ancient Times

Our Dino Birthday will take the Birthday Excavator on a trip through the natural and human history.

Children will explore a dinosaur’s world, dig for fossils and make their own dinosaur fossil replica.


5- Art Attack:       

Ages: 5 - 10 

Location: Art Studio

Children will have a brilliant time expressing themselves with colors and different materials in our Art Studio, where the whole Studio will be dedicated to them and their creations.


6- Explosive Birthday:

Ages: 7 - 10 

Location: I am Change

Children will join Mrs. Y in her lab and have a super explosive time, having fun with science and learning all about cool experiments that they can do at home and others that they can’t!  


Days and Times for Birthday Parties:

*Sunday – Wednesday

1 party from 2:30-5:00 P.M. winter time or 3:30-6:00 P.M. summer time.


1 party from 3:30-6:00 P.M.

*Tuesday - Closed 

*Friday and Saturday  

2 parties from 11:00-1:30 P.M. and 3:30-6:00 P.M.


 Birthday party Program:

Guest arrival and gathering 15 minutes
Exhibit Hall mini tour 45 - 60 minutes
Birthday Activity (optional) 30 minutes
Birthday meal or cake 30 minutes
Free play and departure 30 - 45 minutes


  • 10 JDs per child for our Basic Signature Birthday
  • 15 JDs per child for the Creative Birthday
  • All Prices are exclusive of 16% sales tax.
  • The Museum maintains the right to change prices, and offer services upon availability.
  • Birthday reservations are preferably to be made at least two weeks ahead of yout party.

Looking for more? Custom design your own Birthday packages!

Special Birthday Packages

Package one (Face painting +  Balloon shaping)

15 children

60 JDs

20 Children

70 JDs

30 Children

80 JDs

Package two (Face Painting +  Balloon shaping ­­­+ Magic show)

15 children

165 JDs

20 children

175 JDs

30 children

185 JDs

Extra Service


Coffee station and water cooler (unlimited adults).

30 JDs

Water cooler

10 JDs


50 JDs


35 JDs

Cotton candy

50 JDs

Magic show

135 JDs

Helium balloons

1 JD/ each


80 JDs

Video + Photography

140 JDs

Birthday character

50 – 70 JDs

Climbing wall activity (in the Exhibit Hall)

60 JDs

The dancer show

100 JDs

Interactive dancing activity

150 JDs



Face painting

50JDs./15 children

60JDs/20 children 70JDs./30 children

  • Minimum number of Children is 12 and Maximum number of children is 60  
  • We Provide assitance in all detailes related to your one's party 

Book your party on Sunday, Mondays or Wednesdays and get 10% discount on the party fees or choose for free 2 of the following services:

  • Coffees station and water cooler
  • Balloon shaping
  • One Birthday character

Become a member today and get 10% off on your birthday booking

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