The Exhibit Hall

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Our hall is packed with fun educational exhibits that allow children to exercise their brains through hands on activities and educational games. Most of our exhibits were designed to address topics linked to the national curricula making them an invaluable resource for teachers.

Other exhibits range from those most suitable for the younger age groups and all of them entice curiosity, imagination and open-ended learning. There is no right or wrong in our Exhibit Hall as children decide what to do and how to do it while their brains consciously and unconsciously absorb important learning concepts.


The below are some of our amazing exhibits’ sections:

Biodiversity In Jordan Exhibit: A new exhibit of its kind joins our Exhibit Hall, that is considered the first of its kind to address an interesting topic; Biodiversity In Jordan.

The spacious area displays a variety of animals, birds, plants, fish, insects and fascinating geological exhibits.

It was designed to insure an immersive visitor experience in Jordan’s forests, desert, river and sky.

We are proud to mention that it was fully in-house designed and developed locally by the Children’s Museum Jordan’s team in partnership with The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.

Imagination Playground: is a mobile block-based play system that transforms children’s minds, bodies and spirits through active and creative play. It is a child-directed and open ended experience that encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play. Children in this unique playground can build a new world every day; they make imaginary places, houses, palaces, cities and factories.

I am Change: it aims to inspire children to conserve energy and water. It is envisioned that the Exhibit will raise children’s awareness about the important issues of energy and water conservation unique to Jordan; alternative energy sources and the environmental protection. I am Change provides energized space for those who want to make a difference and help invent solutions to meet the challenges of Jordan’s water and energy dilemmas.

Ancient Times: with its life size dig-in area children get to get in and dig in ancient monuments from old times and learn all about them. They can also learn all about their country’s ancient history through various stations spread around and grasp an idea of past through the fossils they can find around in the cave.

Stars and Space: the space spot is a permanent exhibit at The Children’s Museum. It’s a sophisticated, hands-on interactive modular exhibit with numerous stations featuring information about astronomy and the space sciences and is suitable for all ages.

Human Body: including fitness features human body parts such as eyes, nose and hands. The exhibit literally goes under the skin revealing the human anatomy such as the digestive and sensory system. It expands its expertise by including a clinic area where the children closely explore vital parts that make up the human body. In our fitness area children get physically involved by pushing themselves to the limit to test their fitness and physical abilities.

Light and Optics: usually what you see is what you get, or is it? It is sometimes hard to tell with these amazing eye-catching - and eye-deceiving - optical illusions. Children will earn about light and how it affects what we see, or think we see and explore what it is made of with the use of prisms in the Light and Optics exhibit, and will experiment with awesome optical effects!

Townscape: a miniature model of how the real city looks like. Children will get to play roles and enjoy shopping for grocery and goods in our mini supermarket, and will learn about all kinds of bread from different international nations in our bakery and much more fun activities that adults enjoy in real life.

Up and Away: is our most popular exhibit of all, features state-of-the-art flight simulators built into child-sized planes, hot air balloon, pedal planes, Bernoulli’s Wind Table, Parachutes and more! This exhibit makes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics more fun than is imaginable!

Once Upon a Shape: exhibit for children ages 1 - 5 years.

Once Upon a Shape exhibit is the newst state of the art Toddlers' Area in our Museum.

We designed and developed this exhibit to target key learning milestones for toddlers' ages 1 - 5 years.
This unique exhibit aims at providing the needed components to foster lifelong learning in active and amusing ways.

The Super Service Center: in cooperation with Central Trade & Auto Co. Toyota Jordan's team, the Children's Museum team developed the Super Service Center - Garage exhibit. 
The team upgraded the car and added new details to the exhibit. The garage area motivates children to learn team work and communication through play and interaction.

To take a virtual tour of our Exhibit Hall, please click here

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