Once Upon a Shape

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Once Upon a Shape exhibit for children ages 1 - 5 years.

Once Upon a Shape exhibit is the newst state of the art Toddlers' Area in our Museum.

We designed and developed this exhibit to target key learning milestones for toddlers' ages 1 - 5 years.
This unique exhibit aims at providing the needed components to foster lifelong learning in active and amusing ways.

As the toddlers walk into the exhibit, they will be immeresd with creativity and kept busy with play, both of which are vital for children at this age.
Once Upon a Shape exhibit has alot to offer to young visitors throught its hands-on and sensory exhibits, introducing them to vairiety of shapes and patterns found in their worlds, aiming to nourish the sense of wonder, a driver for toddlers' learning exprience and a booster to their observational skills.

Young learners are in a phase of discovery and amazement, we, the educators, need to focus on the best enviroment and tools that foster growth and contribute to children's development.
This is a time to take advantage of great skills that children possess and transform them into tools of life.

As Educators we understand that children from 1 to 5 years old are: adventurous, curious, eager to learn, full of happiness, always in movement, noisy, emotional , flikle or temeramental and attention seekers.

most life-long learning oocurs in informal learning rile in developments. The Children's Museum Jordan, after ten years of operation, is an informal setting for excellence that offers visitors the opportunity to build and participate in signficant activities that will make a positive impact in the development of children from an early age:
Parents and caregivers have the most impostant role in the development of children, the destiny of children is in their hands. With love tenderness and attention, ealrly learners grow in a safe enviroment.
Play is vital and a core activity to stimulate learning processes. The more young learners play, the most they learn. And that is why we believe that Once Upon a Shape will offer your young learners a fun and memorable learning experience like no other.

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